Your “Family Tree Tips” Help Center

The main Family Tree Tips site is for short, snappy videos to help you as you work on your temple and family history activities—especially to help you get familiar with FamilySearch and FamilyTree.

This Help Center site goes into a lot more detail on:

The Doctrine behind our temple and family history work.

Resources that are available to help you.

Research Principles—including a 3-Step Process, along with 7 Amazing Research Principles.

U.S. Research—including a 4-Step Process, along with specific details on the different types of U.S. records you can find (with a description of what each record is, a picture of what the record looks like, what information the record contains, and where you can find the record).

Foreign Research—including a 9-Step Process, along with specific details on the different types of foreign records you can find, plus specific details on a number countries (including links, maps, research guides, websites, and word lists).

Organizing—how to gather your stuff, sort it, organize it, and enter it into FamilyTree.

So, there’s a lot here to help you out.  And, if you need help with any of this, just give one of our Lake Creek Farms Ward Temple & Family History Consultants a call.

You can do it.  We can help!